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void JsonAlertLogRegister (void)
void AlertJsonHeader (void *ctx, const Packet *p, const PacketAlert *pa, JsonBuilder *js, uint16_t flags, JsonAddrInfo *addr, char *xff_buffer)
void EveAddVerdict (JsonBuilder *jb, const Packet *p)
 Build verdict object. More...

Detailed Description

Tom DeCanio

Logs alerts in JSON format.

Definition in file output-json-alert.h.

Function Documentation

◆ AlertJsonHeader()

◆ EveAddVerdict()

void EveAddVerdict ( JsonBuilder *  jb,
const Packet p 

Build verdict object.

pPointer to Packet current being logged

Definition at line 465 of file output-json-alert.c.

References PacketAlert_::action, ACTION_DROP, ACTION_PASS, ACTION_REJECT, ACTION_REJECT_ANY, ACTION_REJECT_BOTH, ACTION_REJECT_DST, PacketAlerts_::alerts, Packet_::alerts, PacketAlerts_::cnt, EngineModeIsIPS(), JB_SET_STRING, PacketCheckAction(), and Packet_::proto.

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◆ JsonAlertLogRegister()

void JsonAlertLogRegister ( void  )

Definition at line 1001 of file output-json-alert.c.

References LOGGER_JSON_ALERT, MODULE_NAME, and OutputRegisterPacketSubModule().

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