detect-engine-profile.c File Reference
#include "suricata-common.h"
#include "detect-engine-profile.h"
#include "output-json.h"
#include "util-conf.h"
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void RulesDumpTxMatchArray (const DetectEngineThreadCtx *det_ctx, const SigGroupHead *sgh, const Packet *p, const uint64_t tx_id, const uint32_t rule_cnt, const uint32_t pkt_prefilter_cnt)
void RulesDumpMatchArray (const DetectEngineThreadCtx *det_ctx, const SigGroupHead *sgh, const Packet *p)


SCMutex g_rule_dump_write_m = SCMUTEX_INITIALIZER

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Function Documentation

◆ RulesDumpMatchArray()

◆ RulesDumpTxMatchArray()

void RulesDumpTxMatchArray ( const DetectEngineThreadCtx det_ctx,
const SigGroupHead sgh,
const Packet p,
const uint64_t  tx_id,
const uint32_t  rule_cnt,
const uint32_t  pkt_prefilter_cnt 

Variable Documentation

◆ g_rule_dump_write_m

SCMutex g_rule_dump_write_m = SCMUTEX_INITIALIZER

Definition at line 32 of file detect-engine-profile.c.

Referenced by RulesDumpMatchArray(), and RulesDumpTxMatchArray().