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DetectReplaceListDetectReplaceAddToList (DetectReplaceList *replist, uint8_t *found, DetectContentData *cd)
void DetectReplaceExecuteInternal (Packet *p, DetectReplaceList *replist)
void DetectReplaceFreeInternal (DetectReplaceList *replist)
void DetectReplaceRegister (void)

Detailed Description

Eric Leblond

Definition in file detect-replace.h.

Function Documentation

DetectReplaceList* DetectReplaceAddToList ( DetectReplaceList replist,
uint8_t *  found,
DetectContentData cd 
void DetectReplaceExecuteInternal ( Packet p,
DetectReplaceList replist 

Definition at line 207 of file detect-replace.c.

References DetectReplaceList_::cd, Packet_::flags, DetectReplaceList_::found, DetectReplaceList_::next, PKT_STREAM_MODIFIED, ReCalculateChecksum(), DetectContentData_::replace, DetectContentData_::replace_len, SCFree, and SCLogDebug.

Referenced by DetectReplaceRegister().

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