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const char * ExceptionPolicyEnumToString (enum ExceptionPolicy policy, bool is_json)
void SetMasterExceptionPolicy (void)
void ExceptionPolicyApply (Packet *p, enum ExceptionPolicy policy, enum PacketDropReason drop_reason)
enum ExceptionPolicy ExceptionPolicyParse (const char *option, const bool support_flow)
enum ExceptionPolicy ExceptionPolicyMidstreamParse (bool midstream_enabled)
void ExceptionPolicySetStatsCounters (ThreadVars *tv, ExceptionPolicyCounters *counter, ExceptionPolicyStatsSetts *setting, enum ExceptionPolicy conf_policy, const char *default_str, bool(*isExceptionPolicyValid)(enum ExceptionPolicy))
int ExceptionSimulationCommandLineParser (const char *name, const char *arg)


enum ExceptionPolicy g_eps_master_switch

Function Documentation

◆ ExceptionPolicyApply()

void ExceptionPolicyApply ( Packet p,
enum ExceptionPolicy  policy,
enum PacketDropReason  drop_reason 

Definition at line 69 of file util-exception-policy.c.

◆ ExceptionPolicyEnumToString()

const char* ExceptionPolicyEnumToString ( enum ExceptionPolicy  policy,
bool  is_json 

◆ ExceptionPolicyMidstreamParse()

enum ExceptionPolicy ExceptionPolicyMidstreamParse ( bool  midstream_enabled)

Definition at line 69 of file util-exception-policy.c.

Referenced by StreamTcpInitConfig().

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◆ ExceptionPolicyParse()

enum ExceptionPolicy ExceptionPolicyParse ( const char *  option,
const bool  support_flow 

◆ ExceptionPolicySetStatsCounters()

void ExceptionPolicySetStatsCounters ( ThreadVars tv,
ExceptionPolicyCounters counter,
ExceptionPolicyStatsSetts setting,
enum ExceptionPolicy  conf_policy,
const char *  default_str,
bool(*)(enum ExceptionPolicy isExceptionPolicyValid 

Definition at line 298 of file util-exception-policy.c.

References ExceptionPolicyCounters_::eps_id, ExceptionPolicyStatsSetts_::eps_name, EXCEPTION_POLICY_MAX, EXCEPTION_POLICY_NOT_SET, ExceptionPolicyEnumToString(), StatsRegisterCounter(), and tv.

Referenced by DecodeRegisterPerfCounters(), and StreamTcpThreadInit().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ ExceptionSimulationCommandLineParser()

int ExceptionSimulationCommandLineParser ( const char *  name,
const char *  arg 

Definition at line 316 of file util-exception-policy.c.

◆ SetMasterExceptionPolicy()

void SetMasterExceptionPolicy ( void  )

Definition at line 59 of file util-exception-policy.c.

References ExceptionPolicyParse(), and g_eps_master_switch.

Referenced by PostConfLoadedSetup().

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ g_eps_master_switch

enum ExceptionPolicy g_eps_master_switch

Definition at line 1 of file util-exception-policy.c.

Referenced by SetMasterExceptionPolicy().