TmModule_ Struct Reference

#include <tm-modules.h>

Data Fields

const char * name
TmEcode(* ThreadInit )(ThreadVars *, const void *, void **)
void(* ThreadExitPrintStats )(ThreadVars *, void *)
TmEcode(* ThreadDeinit )(ThreadVars *, void *)
TmEcode(* Func )(ThreadVars *, Packet *, void *)
TmEcode(* PktAcqLoop )(ThreadVars *, void *, void *)
TmEcode(* PktAcqBreakLoop )(ThreadVars *, void *)
bool(* ThreadBusy )(ThreadVars *tv, void *thread_data)
TmEcode(* Management )(ThreadVars *, void *)
TmEcode(* Init )(void)
TmEcode(* DeInit )(void)
void(* RegisterTests )(void)
uint8_t cap_flags
uint8_t flags

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file tm-modules.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cap_flags

◆ DeInit

TmEcode(* TmModule_::DeInit) (void)

Definition at line 70 of file tm-modules.h.

Referenced by TmModuleRunDeInit().

◆ flags

◆ Func

◆ Init

TmEcode(* TmModule_::Init) (void)

global Init/DeInit

Definition at line 69 of file tm-modules.h.

Referenced by TmModuleNapatechStreamRegister(), and TmModuleRunInit().

◆ Management

TmEcode(* TmModule_::Management) (ThreadVars *, void *)

◆ name

◆ PktAcqBreakLoop

TmEcode(* TmModule_::PktAcqBreakLoop) (ThreadVars *, void *)

◆ PktAcqLoop

◆ RegisterTests

void(* TmModule_::RegisterTests) (void)

Definition at line 72 of file tm-modules.h.

Referenced by TmModuleRegisterTests().

◆ ThreadBusy

bool(* TmModule_::ThreadBusy) (ThreadVars *tv, void *thread_data)

does a thread still have tasks to complete before it can be killed?

Return values
thread_datathread module thread data (e.g. FlowWorkerThreadData for FlowWorker)

Definition at line 64 of file tm-modules.h.

◆ ThreadDeinit

◆ ThreadExitPrintStats

◆ ThreadInit

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