Packet_ Struct Reference

#include <decode.h>

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Data Fields

Address src
Address dst
union {
   Port   sp
   struct {
      uint8_t   type
      uint8_t   code
   }   icmp_s
union {
   Port   dp
   struct {
      uint8_t   type
      uint8_t   code
   }   icmp_d
uint8_t proto
uint8_t recursion_level
uint16_t vlan_id [2]
uint8_t vlan_idx
uint8_t flowflags
uint32_t flags
struct Flow_flow
uint32_t flow_hash
struct timeval ts
union {
   NFQPacketVars   nfq_v
   IPFWPacketVars   ipfw_v
   uint8_t   plugin_v [PLUGIN_VAR_SIZE]
   PcapPacketVars   pcap_v
void(* ReleasePacket )(struct Packet_ *)
int(* BypassPacketsFlow )(struct Packet_ *)
EthernetHdr * ethh
int32_t level3_comp_csum
int32_t level4_comp_csum
union {
   IPV4Vars   ip4vars
   struct {
      IPV6Vars   ip6vars
      IPV6ExtHdrs   ip6eh
union {
   TCPVars   tcpvars
   ICMPV4Vars   icmpv4vars
   ICMPV6Vars   icmpv6vars
TCPHdr * tcph
UDPHdr * udph
SCTPHdr * sctph
ESPHdr * esph
ICMPV4Hdr * icmpv4h
PPPHdr * ppph
PPPOEDiscoveryHdr * pppoedh
GREHdr * greh
uint8_t * payload
uint16_t payload_len
uint8_t action
uint8_t pkt_src
uint32_t pktlen
uint8_t * ext_pkt
struct LiveDevice_livedev
PacketAlerts alerts
struct Host_host_src
struct Host_host_dst
uint64_t pcap_cnt
PacketEngineEvents events
struct Packet_next
struct Packet_prev
int datalink
uint8_t nb_decoded_layers
uint8_t drop_reason
struct Packet_root
SCMutex tunnel_mutex
uint16_t tunnel_rtv_cnt
uint16_t tunnel_tpr_cnt
uint32_t tenant_id
struct PktPool_pool
NapatechPacketVars ntpv

Detailed Description

Definition at line 441 of file decode.h.

Field Documentation

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union { ... }

◆ @36

union { ... }

◆ @38

union { ... }

◆ @40

union { ... }

◆ action

uint8_t Packet_::action

Definition at line 586 of file decode.h.

◆ alerts

PacketAlerts Packet_::alerts

◆ app_layer_events

AppLayerDecoderEvents* Packet_::app_layer_events

Definition at line 609 of file decode.h.

Referenced by PacketCreateMask().

◆ BypassPacketsFlow

int(* Packet_::BypassPacketsFlow) (struct Packet_ *)

The function triggering bypass the flow in the capture method. Return 1 for success and 0 on error

Definition at line 527 of file decode.h.

Referenced by PacketBypassCallback(), and ReceivePfringLoop().

◆ code

uint8_t Packet_::code

Definition at line 453 of file decode.h.

◆ datalink

int Packet_::datalink

data linktype in host order

Definition at line 616 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodeErfDag(), EvePacket(), NapatechDecode(), PacketDefragPktSetup(), PacketTunnelPktSetup(), and StreamTcpPseudoSetup().

◆ dp

◆ drop_reason

uint8_t Packet_::drop_reason

Definition at line 624 of file decode.h.

◆ dst

◆ esph

ESPHdr* Packet_::esph

Definition at line 568 of file decode.h.

◆ ethh

EthernetHdr* Packet_::ethh

Definition at line 533 of file decode.h.

◆ events

PacketEngineEvents Packet_::events

◆ ext_pkt

uint8_t* Packet_::ext_pkt

Definition at line 592 of file decode.h.

Referenced by PacketCallocExtPkt(), PacketCopyDataOffset(), and PacketSetData().

◆ flags

◆ flow

◆ flow_hash

uint32_t Packet_::flow_hash

Definition at line 483 of file decode.h.

Referenced by FlowGetFlowFromHash(), FlowSetupPacket(), and TmqhOutputFlowHash().

◆ flowflags

◆ greh

GREHdr* Packet_::greh

Definition at line 578 of file decode.h.

◆ host_dst

struct Host_* Packet_::host_dst

Definition at line 600 of file decode.h.

◆ host_src

struct Host_* Packet_::host_src

Definition at line 599 of file decode.h.

◆ icmp_d

struct { ... } Packet_::icmp_d

Referenced by DecodeICMPV4(), and DecodeICMPV6().

◆ icmp_s

struct { ... } Packet_::icmp_s

◆ icmpv4h

ICMPV4Hdr* Packet_::icmpv4h

Definition at line 570 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodeICMPV4(), and FlowInit().

◆ icmpv4vars

ICMPV4Vars Packet_::icmpv4vars

Definition at line 555 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodeICMPV4().

◆ icmpv6h

ICMPV6Hdr* Packet_::icmpv6h

Definition at line 572 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodeICMPV6().

◆ icmpv6vars

ICMPV6Vars Packet_::icmpv6vars

Definition at line 556 of file decode.h.

◆ ip4h

IPV4Hdr* Packet_::ip4h

Definition at line 540 of file decode.h.

Referenced by UTHFreePacket().

◆ ip4vars

IPV4Vars Packet_::ip4vars

Definition at line 546 of file decode.h.

◆ ip6eh

IPV6ExtHdrs Packet_::ip6eh

Definition at line 549 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodeIPV6FragHeader().

◆ ip6h

IPV6Hdr* Packet_::ip6h

Definition at line 542 of file decode.h.

Referenced by UTHBuildPacketIPV6Real().

◆ ip6vars

IPV6Vars Packet_::ip6vars

Definition at line 548 of file decode.h.

◆ ipfw_v

IPFWPacketVars Packet_::ipfw_v

Definition at line 496 of file decode.h.

◆ l4vars

union { ... } Packet_::l4vars

◆ level3_comp_csum

int32_t Packet_::level3_comp_csum

Definition at line 536 of file decode.h.

◆ level4_comp_csum

int32_t Packet_::level4_comp_csum

Definition at line 538 of file decode.h.

◆ livedev

struct LiveDevice_* Packet_::livedev

Definition at line 595 of file decode.h.

Referenced by FlowInit(), PacketDefragPktSetup(), and PacketTunnelPktSetup().

◆ nb_decoded_layers

uint8_t Packet_::nb_decoded_layers

Definition at line 621 of file decode.h.

◆ next

struct Packet_* Packet_::next

Definition at line 612 of file decode.h.

◆ nfq_v

NFQPacketVars Packet_::nfq_v

Definition at line 493 of file decode.h.

◆ ntpv

NapatechPacketVars Packet_::ntpv

Definition at line 655 of file decode.h.

◆ payload

◆ payload_len

◆ pcap_cnt

uint64_t Packet_::pcap_cnt

◆ pcap_v

PcapPacketVars Packet_::pcap_v

libpcap vars: shared by Pcap Live mode and Pcap File mode

Definition at line 520 of file decode.h.

◆ pkt_src

uint8_t Packet_::pkt_src

Definition at line 588 of file decode.h.

◆ pktlen

uint32_t Packet_::pktlen

Definition at line 591 of file decode.h.

◆ pktvar

PktVar* Packet_::pktvar

Definition at line 530 of file decode.h.

Referenced by EveAddMetadata(), PktVarAdd(), PktVarAddKeyValue(), and PktVarGet().

◆ plugin_v

uint8_t Packet_::plugin_v[PLUGIN_VAR_SIZE]

Definition at line 517 of file decode.h.

◆ pool

struct PktPool_* Packet_::pool

Definition at line 649 of file decode.h.

◆ ppph

PPPHdr* Packet_::ppph

Definition at line 574 of file decode.h.

◆ pppoedh

PPPOEDiscoveryHdr* Packet_::pppoedh

Definition at line 576 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodePPPOEDiscovery().

◆ pppoesh

PPPOESessionHdr* Packet_::pppoesh

Definition at line 575 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodePPPOESession().

◆ prev

struct Packet_* Packet_::prev

Definition at line 613 of file decode.h.

◆ profile

PktProfiling* Packet_::profile

Definition at line 652 of file decode.h.

Referenced by SCProfileRuleStart(), and SCProfilingAddPacket().

◆ proto

◆ recursion_level

uint8_t Packet_::recursion_level

◆ ReleasePacket

void(* Packet_::ReleasePacket) (struct Packet_ *)

The release function for packet structure and data

Definition at line 524 of file decode.h.

Referenced by PacketFreeOrRelease(), PacketGetFromAlloc(), PacketGetFromQueueOrAlloc(), and TmqhOutputPacketpool().

◆ root

◆ sctph

SCTPHdr* Packet_::sctph

Definition at line 566 of file decode.h.

◆ sp

◆ src

◆ tcph

◆ tcpvars

TCPVars Packet_::tcpvars

Definition at line 554 of file decode.h.

◆ tenant_id

uint32_t Packet_::tenant_id

tenant id for this packet, if any. If 0 then no tenant was assigned.

Definition at line 644 of file decode.h.

Referenced by Detect(), PacketDefragPktSetup(), and PacketTunnelPktSetup().

◆ ts

◆ tunnel_mutex

SCMutex Packet_::tunnel_mutex

mutex to protect access to:

  • tunnel_rtv_cnt
  • tunnel_tpr_cnt

Definition at line 637 of file decode.h.

Referenced by TmqhOutputPacketpool().

◆ tunnel_rtv_cnt

uint16_t Packet_::tunnel_rtv_cnt

Definition at line 639 of file decode.h.

◆ tunnel_tpr_cnt

uint16_t Packet_::tunnel_tpr_cnt

Definition at line 641 of file decode.h.

◆ type

uint8_t Packet_::type

Definition at line 452 of file decode.h.

◆ udph

UDPHdr* Packet_::udph

Definition at line 564 of file decode.h.

Referenced by FlowInit(), and UTHFreePacket().

◆ vlan_id

uint16_t Packet_::vlan_id[2]

Definition at line 469 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodeVLANGetId(), FlowInit(), and PacketDefragPktSetup().

◆ vlan_idx

uint8_t Packet_::vlan_idx

Definition at line 470 of file decode.h.

Referenced by DecodePfring(), DecodeVLAN(), DecodeVLANGetId(), FlowInit(), and PacketDefragPktSetup().

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